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5 Things Not To Do in Hawaii

We love to give you tips as to what to do, where to go, and how to have the most fun during your stay in Hawaii, but sometimes sharing what not to do is just as helpful.  Below are a list of five things to be sure to avoid while exploring our beautiful islands.

Don’t Go Out, if in doubt

The beaches in Hawaii are home to some of the most breathtaking waves in the world.  Even when there isn’t a huge swell on the horizon, the currents, riptides, and sheer power of even smaller waves are no joke.  Always watch the water for at least 20 minutes before getting in to gauge the swell.  If you have any doubt about the safety of the conditions, don’t go out!

if in doubt


Don’t Turn Your Back on the Water

Same idea.  Mother nature is a fickle creature and the ocean can be the best example of that.  Make sure to be extra vigilant when the waves are up; don’t turn your back to the water and don’t let unattended children too close to the shore.  Heed all signs posted by lifeguards – they’re there for a reason!

Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen

Your mother told you, and now we’re telling you.  Don’t skimp on the sunscreen!  Even on the cloudiest of days you can still get a killer sunburn, and there’s really no faster way to put a damper on your Hawaiian vacation.

Don’t Touch the Turtles

Our honu are truly beautiful creatures, sure to put a smile on your face.  Feel free to watch in awe or photograph them, but don’t get too close and please, no touching.  These are protected marine animals. Give these celebrities the privacy they deserve.  Same goes for monk seals.


Don’t Fear the Locals

We’re a friendly bunch!  Not sure where you are, where you’re going, or what to do?  Just ask!  The aloha spirit is truly alive and well in the islands, so go ahead and ask the locals for advice, directions, or just talk story and get the local scoop.

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Attract Luxury Travelers and Turn Them into Repeat Customers

Hawaii is a destination for many luxury travelers who are inherently well-traveled and used to five-star service. How do we attract luxury travelers and turn them into repeat customers?

 Service, Service, Service

Luxury or not, all repeat customers are born of a highly satisfactory customer service experience. Know what your luxury traveler likes and expects when it comes to ease of reservations and check-in, amenities, activities, and guidance to local dining and entertainment. Be a dedicated concierge and make sure your guests feel like they have exclusive access to Hawaii’s authentic experiences. Set a new standard of excellence with every guest. You can do this by using the Seek Spot Directory in your property and by sharing a few suggestions from it with your guest on arrival or before. 

Rewards + Loyalty Programs

Do you offer anything to repeat customers or those who stay for a long period of time? Feeling valued can turn the first experience into one of many. The Coupons from Seek Spot can be printed and handed to your guests or emailed to them at time of booking.  Just use our coupon link.

Recognition + Reputation

Do you have good reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor? Do your current visitors have a way to refer your vacation property to others? Do you advertise and where? Make sure that you post every positive write-up or review about your property in any publication on your website and marketing materials.

Communication is Key

Advertising in high-end publications or local visitor directories can target your demographic, while direct mail, online marketing and e-mail are excellent methods of communication in terms of timeliness and ability to track return on investment.


In a study done by eMarketer, search engines were the most popular web service category among U.S. luxury travelers with a 57% response rate followed by online travel agencies and online travel suppliers with 54% and 44% response rates, respectively.


Get Feedback

Online surveys can be accurate barometers of customer satisfaction and useful at effectively gathering guest preference information with relatively little expense. Detailed survey forms can also gather important lifestyle information that will help you position your property. For an easy to use tool, check out


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