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How to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Website!

Google Analytics is a very simple setup that allows you to discover important insight on your visitors and potential customer base. It allows you to view how many people are visiting your website, where they are finding your website, how long they are staying and much, much more!
For brands and businesses, 
Google Analytics is a KEY TOOL in identifying how you can best cater to your customers
Step 1: Sign Up!
The first step is simply to sign up for Google Analytics. If you have an existing google account, you can click ‘sign in’ or you can click ‘Create an Account’ in the upper right hand corner.
If you are not already signed into your google-related account, you will be brought to this page
If you clicked ‘sign up,’ you will come to this screen after creating a google account. Click ‘sign up’ on the right to start using Google Analytics.
Once you’ve signed up for google analytics, you will be brought to this tracking setup page.
**Right now, we recommend choosing Classic Analytics over Universal Analytics (You can always upgrade to Universal Analytics later)

**For Website Name, you can use a simple name or you may enter your URL if you wish

**For Website URL – This is where you put your website address! Just as Google tells you – (You don’t have to enter in http://)

**Industry – This section is optional but Google Analytics may tailor some suggestions. If you find that you have trouble picking an industry, you can click “Online Communities.”

**For Account Name – You may enter your company name here. You are able to monitor multiple websites in one Analytics Account, so if you plan on managing multiple websites, make sure this account name is appropriate for all of them.

**Data Sharing Settings – This is completely optional and should be whatever you are comfortable with. You can also change this setting later on.

To finish, click ‘Get Tracking ID’, agree to the pop-up Terms of Service and you’re all set!


Step 2: Installing Tracking Code

This may seem like the most intimidating step, but don’t worry! It’s actually really simple, and we will walk you through it!
If you are using WordPress: you can install the Google Analytics for WordPress plug in. Then, under settings, you need to paste the UA code (everything under ‘Tracking ID’ from your Google Analytics Setup screen).
If you are NOT using WordPress: Google makes your life easy and asks, ‘What are you tracking?’ and most likely, you are tracking a single domain. Next, you will have to follow these steps:
1. Copy the tracking code that Google displays in the large box (shown above).
2. Paste the tracking code before the ending tag in your HTML code for your website
Pro-Tip: Do a quick search within the code (On a PC: CTRL+F, On a Mac: Command+F). In the find box, type ‘</head>’ (without the quotes)
3. Save. Most websites will re-use this file for common content, so the code will be applied to all pages of your websites.
4. You are Done! It takes some time for Google to recognize the installed code (anywhere from a few hours to a day). To check if everything is installed, the ‘Tracking Status’ will read ‘Receiving Data.’

Step 3: Adding a Second Admin User

Setting up a second admin user will give you more security should you have any problems accessing google analytics from your primary account. We definitely recommend adding a second admin account with another google email!
Follow these simple steps to add a second admin user:
1. Sign into google analytics and click on the ‘Admin’ button in the orange bar
2.  Under account, click ‘user managment’
3. On the top left corner click “+New User”
4. You will be taken to the next screen where you enter the email address (we recommend an unrelated Gmail) and select ‘Administrator’.
5. You will be able select whether you want to ‘notify this user by email’
6. Next, click ‘add user’ in blue
7. To check it worked, log out of Google Analytics and log on with your second admin user address. If it does YOU ARE DONE!
*If it doesn’t work, you may need to log back into your primary account to check if the email address was entered correctly
Google Analytics Print Tracking
Google Analytics not only tracks internet referrals from other websites, it also tracks your print ads in two different ways; through direct traffic and search.
Direct Traffic refers to all the people who went online and specifically typed in your web address.  This tells you they already knew it and didn’t just do a generic search to arrive at your website – perhaps they saw it in your Seek Spot listing!
Search refers to organic (not paid for) traffic consisting of people who find you by searching for your business type or business name.  If someone finds you by searching your business type, you can attribute that to search engines and SEO that are hard at work.  If, however; someone finds you by specifically typing in your business name, you can attribute that to your print marketing.  How else would they know to type in your name?
Other Print Tracking Methods
Google Analytics isn’t the only way you can track your print advertising!  You have several other options; a unique URL, a unique phone number, and a contact form.
Unique URL You can use a unique URL for every print advertisement you have so as to track each one individually through Google Analytics.  For example, if your website is, you could purchase the URL for your listing in the Seek Spot by Be Our Guest directory.  When someone types in this website name, you know that it was direct traffic from a print advertisement, and differentiating the URL from your main one allows you to see precisely which advertisement brought you this traffic.
You can buy a unique URL at sites like or  They can talk you through the process of setting up a landing page for the URL.
Unique Phone Number  You can set up a unique phone number for every listing or advertisement your business uses!  Having a unique phone number for certain listings or ads allows you to track where your phone calls come from.  And it’s easy; the phone calls get forwarded right to your regular phone number!  We suggest using sites like or to set one up today!
Contact Form  If you have a contact form on your website, make sure to include a question asking where the customer was referred from, and make it mandatory!    Don’t leave the question open ended – give them specific options and use checkboxes so that the customer can check all that apply.  It’s been proven that it often takes several impressions, not just a single one, to get a customer to call upon your business, so giving them more options helps you track your marketing dollars as specifically as possible.
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Top 5 Reasons NOT to Ignore Social Media

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Social media is changing the way consumers discover and interact with businesses.  According to a recent post on Mediabistro’s AllTwitter site, 63 percent of local searchers are more likely to use a business that displays information on a social media site. In return, small businesses now have the ability to build awareness of their brand and reach the masses without a huge budget. Seek Spot has looked at the recent data and wants you to know the Top 5 Reasons NOT to ignore social media.
It’s habit forming.
According to Fast Company, social media is the number one activity on the web. It’s the most common thing we do online. As it continues to grow as a habit, new platforms continue to appear, and it is our professional responsibility to put effort into social media strategy in order to grab the attention of all who are sure to be looking. In addition, the positive experience of discovering something you like via social media become habit-forming. For example, if you have a good experience at a restaurant, and you tried it because their yummy food pictures of specials posted on Instagram enticed you, it’s likely that you will continue to follow that establishment’s specials posts and become a return customer.
Everyone is doing it.
Social media is not just for the young bucks. The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 year-olds. Not only has this Tweet-happy demographic grown 79 percent since 2012, their Facebook use has jumped up 46 percent. The 45-54 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on both Facebook and Google+.


Yelp is money.
One of the most important sites for local businesses is Yelp. These are reviews of any type of consumer experience, written by the people, for the people. Customer Service statistically has the strongest effect on reviews. Recent studies show a variety of important reasons to be relevant on Yelp: Every star in a review leads to a 5 to 9 percent jump in revenues, according to a study by Michael Luca, professor at Harvard Business School. Luca found that there was a correlation between a high Yelp ranking and increased revenues. Other Yelp facts:
·      90 percent of Yelp users say positive reviews impact their company buying choices.
·      72 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
·      93 percent of people who research on review sites like Yelp will make purchases at the businesses they look up.


It’s Free Marketing.
Posting fun videos and images of your business on any social media platform is free. Communicating with your customer base daily via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram is free. Reading your Yelp reviews and adjusting business decisions to improve on the feedback is free. Look around on a daily basis and everyone has a mobile device in their hand. Those who work office jobs are always a click away from distracting themselves with a quick scroll through Facebook. The question is no longer, does social media work? The question is simply: Who are my customers and how do I use social media to best reach them? Because it will. And it won’t cost you anything but some time.


Your Message Can Reach the Masses.
Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show, telemarketing, daily mail or PPC, according to Digital Insights. Current total users on Facebook: 1.15 billion. Twitter: 500 million. Google+: 500 million. LinkedIn: 238 million. Instagram: 130 million. Pinterest: 70 million. You get to choose how to share your story and the message of your product on a daily basis. Clearly, you can reach the masses as long as you put some effort into your message.


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Case Studies

Case Study #1 :  Growth and ROI

Dishing Up Success!
John Adams, Private Chef

John Adams moved his Private Chef business to O’ahu’s North Shore from Vail, Colorado 2 years ago.  His service requires the use of a kitchen, so his market is centered on vacation rental guests.  John partnered with Be Our Guest, and he couldn’t be happier.  He also tried a few other vehicles, including “The Knot”, to advertise his services.  With the Be Our Guest directory he got twice the number of leads over all other vehicles combined! And, he enjoyed a higher conversion rate because of the high quality customers referred by Be Our Guest…all of this at a more affordable rate.  His ability to maximize his return on investment allowed his business to grow.

“Kirsten and her team are a lot like me, very personal and high energy and truly care about what they are doing. Taking time to meet me in person, and showing me exciting new strategies for marketing on Oahu and online. Every new book is 100% better than the last and now that they are covering all of Oahu, I am very excited to be continuing with them. Worth every penny!!!” – John Adams


Case Study #2 :  Strategic Partnership

Barbara Whitman Howell, Under the Sea

Barbara, a marine biologist and educator, offers private snorkeling tours across the island.  When expanding into Hawaii, she knew from experience her target market was in vacation rentals and high end hotels.  When she learned about the Be Our Guest community-based marketing program she asked to be included.  Under the Sea exclusively advertises in the Be Our Guest directory.   Barbara feels the quality of the publication and high standards of the Be Our Guest team are fully aligned with her own.  Each business has prospered during their three year relationship – now that’s a successful match!

“Be our guest goes directly to my target audience island wide and I have seen such positive results that this will be the only print publication in which I advertise. I’m proud to say I was with them when they began and I will be in Seek Spot by be our guest as they continue to grow throughout the years.” – Barbara Whitman

Case Study #3:  Brand & Social Media Marketing

Eric Garrabrant, North Shore Bike Rentals

As a cycling nut, I had always dreamed about starting a bike rental business in Haleiwa.  I got my wish!  I started North Shore Bike Rentals when I learned about the Be Our Guest Directory serving the needs of the vacation rental market. These are the people I needed to reach.  I didn’t have a business plan or a clue about marketing or building a brand, I just knew bikes.  Fortunately, the Be Our Guest team stepped in as my own marketing team.  They helped me to develop a marketing plan, optimize my web site for search, and increase my social media reputation by encouraging my customers to post reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor.  Sales and profitability have grown every year. Now that’s a great direction!

“The directory is the only place we have marketed our delivery services since our inception and we have seen steady growth that coincides with the expanding distribution of the directory.” – Eric Garrabrant


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The Top Ten Reasons NOT to Quit Marketing

(Our takeaways from the new and expanded edition of Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Levinson.)

1) The market is continually changing.  If you stop marketing, you miss evolving opportunities—and you are no longer part of the process, you are not even in the game!

2) People forget quickly. They see 5,000-30,000 impressions daily and 79 percent of the population will forget a commercial after six weeks.

3) Your competition will not quit.

4) Marketing strengthens your identity. Staying top of mind strengthens your reputation and reliability.

5) Marketing is essential to survival and growth. People don’t usually know about your business unless you get the word out. Just as you can’t start a business without marketing, you can’t maintain one without it.

6) Marketing enables you to keep your customers. When your customers cease to hear from you or about you, they tend to forget you. Many businesses survive on repeat and referral business so loyal customers are the key to both.

7) Marketing maintains morale. Customers who actively follow your top-of-mind publicity may see your lack of marketing/advertising as a signal of failure.

8) Your marketing program gives you an advantage over your competitors who have ceased to market. If some of your competitors cease marketing, you can pull ahead and attract some of their customers.

9) Marketing allows your business to continue operating. Marketing creates the air that overhead breathes.

10) You stand to lose out on the money, time, and effort you’ve already invested.  If you halt marketing, you lose all of the money you invested in ads, commercials, and publicity, as well as the consumer awareness created.


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New Beach Safety & Visitor Info Magnet

  • All the essentials located in the hub of the house; the kitchen!
  • Eliminate the need for guests to contact you regarding local sanitation policies, emergency procedures, and events and activities.
  • Keep your guests happy and safe.
Visitor Safety
While fun is paramount, safety during your guests’ stay is key.  Unfortunately, accidents happen.  Between 2008 and 2012, a staggering 48% of fatal injuries among non-residents in Hawaii were caused by drownings.
We teamed up with the Department of Health and the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association to bring your guests the best in terms of safety information and guidelines for proper behavior in and around the island’s waters.  The Visitor Info Magnet is an easy way to share these helpful tips with your guests, so the only statistic you have to worry about is repeat business!
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New Discount Keycards

Visitor Surveys showed guests are looking for easier access to local coupons and maps; we found a way for you to conveniently provide this information!
  • QR Code brings coupons, maps, event, activity, and dining information to your guests’ fingertips.
  • Give guests access to GPS enabled turn by turn driving instructions straight to local businesses.
  • Allows guests to use coupons right on their mobile phones. 
What is a QR Code?
A QR, or Quick Response, code is a type of barcode meant to be used specifically with a mobile phone.  When a guest scans Seek Spot’s QR code with their smartphone, they will be brought directly to Seek Spot by Seek Spot by Be Our Guest’s Facebook page where they can find coupons, maps, blog posts, and activity information that will enhance their trip planning capabilities on the go.
How do I use a QR Code?
In order to scan a QR code, your guest must first download a QR Reader on their mobile phone.  Luckily, this is easy to do, and free!  Simply tell your guests to visit their App Store on their phone, and search for a free QR Reader.  Any one will do!  Once downloaded, open up the application, hold the phone’s camera above the QR code on the Seek Spot key tag, and Seek Spot’s webpage will open right up.


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2014 Oahu Planning Guide: Help Your Guests, Help Yourself!

  • Pre-emptively answer all of your guests’ planning questions.
  • Spend your time marketing your unit; eliminate the need to be a tour guide.
  • Highlight your unit’s greatest resource; everything Oahu has to offer!

Option 1

Download the PDF below and attach to the documents your regularly send before guests arrive.
Oahu Pre Arrival Planning Letter 2014
Option 2
Cut and paste the sentence below that will link the Planning Tool in your documents:
Click here for your 2014 Oahu Planning Tool, brought to you by Seek Spot by Seek Spot by Be Our Guest.


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New to Facebook: #Hashtags

Following suit of other major social networks such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook has finally released their newest feature: #hashtags.   Hashtags originated from twitter and if you aren’t familiar, they are clickable links that group similar content to make it easier for people to find.

For brands and businesses, the potential for hashtags could be HUGE!

  • They provide a simple way to categorize conversations and pictures by topic or event.
  • It doesn’t involve anything fancy to apply a hashtag, all you need to do is insert the hashtag (#), type in your text and publish.
  • The hashtag can’t be just any word. An effective hashtag requires careful thought about a keyword that is relatable, so that users will search or use it for their own.
  • When users click the hashtag, a list of related conversation is pulled up


Click here to learn more TIPS ON USING HASHTAGS!

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Tips on Using Hashtags

The reality is, hashtags can improve your viewership and they are definitely here to stay!
Here are some tips to use hashtags in an effective and positive way.

Don’t Overwhelm People with Hashtags

You might have seen this on instagram, where people caption their photo with every related hashtag imaginable. You are better off limiting your hashtag use to two or three relevant ones at the end of your post.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags that are related to your post’s topic or your industry will boost the chances of your post getting found by other users.

Pro Tip: If you are posting a picture or an event, you may want to include the name of the town in a hashtag.
Shorter is Often Better
For hashtags, it is often better to keep it simple and to the point. Single words are much easier to search, and also, much easier to read.

Search for Active Hashtags Before Posting

A simple search on Facebook of the hashtag you intend on using will tell you if the Hashtag has been used before and related hashtags that you may also want to use. The more it has been used, the more likely people will search for the hashtag!
Jump on Trends (if they are relevant to your brand) Keep up with the trends! If you see one that has the potential to benefit your brand, don’t be afraid to jump on it!

Don’t Use Hashtags for the Sake of Using Hashtags

Remember, don’t use a hashtag in your post if it doesn’t make sense. You shouldn’t feel pressured to use a hashtag in every post that you publish!
For more examples of how to use hashtags, check out our facebook or instagram page!
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