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How to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Website!

Google Analytics is a very simple setup that allows you to discover important insight on your visitors and potential customer base. It allows you to view how many people are visiting your website, where they are finding your website, how long they are staying and much, much more!
For brands and businesses, 
Google Analytics is a KEY TOOL in identifying how you can best cater to your customers
Step 1: Sign Up!
The first step is simply to sign up for Google Analytics. If you have an existing google account, you can click ‘sign in’ or you can click ‘Create an Account’ in the upper right hand corner.
If you are not already signed into your google-related account, you will be brought to this page
If you clicked ‘sign up,’ you will come to this screen after creating a google account. Click ‘sign up’ on the right to start using Google Analytics.
Once you’ve signed up for google analytics, you will be brought to this tracking setup page.
**Right now, we recommend choosing Classic Analytics over Universal Analytics (You can always upgrade to Universal Analytics later)

**For Website Name, you can use a simple name or you may enter your URL if you wish

**For Website URL – This is where you put your website address! Just as Google tells you – (You don’t have to enter in http://)

**Industry – This section is optional but Google Analytics may tailor some suggestions. If you find that you have trouble picking an industry, you can click “Online Communities.”

**For Account Name – You may enter your company name here. You are able to monitor multiple websites in one Analytics Account, so if you plan on managing multiple websites, make sure this account name is appropriate for all of them.

**Data Sharing Settings – This is completely optional and should be whatever you are comfortable with. You can also change this setting later on.

To finish, click ‘Get Tracking ID’, agree to the pop-up Terms of Service and you’re all set!


Step 2: Installing Tracking Code

This may seem like the most intimidating step, but don’t worry! It’s actually really simple, and we will walk you through it!
If you are using WordPress: you can install the Google Analytics for WordPress plug in. Then, under settings, you need to paste the UA code (everything under ‘Tracking ID’ from your Google Analytics Setup screen).
If you are NOT using WordPress: Google makes your life easy and asks, ‘What are you tracking?’ and most likely, you are tracking a single domain. Next, you will have to follow these steps:
1. Copy the tracking code that Google displays in the large box (shown above).
2. Paste the tracking code before the ending tag in your HTML code for your website
Pro-Tip: Do a quick search within the code (On a PC: CTRL+F, On a Mac: Command+F). In the find box, type ‘</head>’ (without the quotes)
3. Save. Most websites will re-use this file for common content, so the code will be applied to all pages of your websites.
4. You are Done! It takes some time for Google to recognize the installed code (anywhere from a few hours to a day). To check if everything is installed, the ‘Tracking Status’ will read ‘Receiving Data.’

Step 3: Adding a Second Admin User

Setting up a second admin user will give you more security should you have any problems accessing google analytics from your primary account. We definitely recommend adding a second admin account with another google email!
Follow these simple steps to add a second admin user:
1. Sign into google analytics and click on the ‘Admin’ button in the orange bar
2.  Under account, click ‘user managment’
3. On the top left corner click “+New User”
4. You will be taken to the next screen where you enter the email address (we recommend an unrelated Gmail) and select ‘Administrator’.
5. You will be able select whether you want to ‘notify this user by email’
6. Next, click ‘add user’ in blue
7. To check it worked, log out of Google Analytics and log on with your second admin user address. If it does YOU ARE DONE!
*If it doesn’t work, you may need to log back into your primary account to check if the email address was entered correctly
Google Analytics Print Tracking
Google Analytics not only tracks internet referrals from other websites, it also tracks your print ads in two different ways; through direct traffic and search.
Direct Traffic refers to all the people who went online and specifically typed in your web address.  This tells you they already knew it and didn’t just do a generic search to arrive at your website – perhaps they saw it in your Seek Spot listing!
Search refers to organic (not paid for) traffic consisting of people who find you by searching for your business type or business name.  If someone finds you by searching your business type, you can attribute that to search engines and SEO that are hard at work.  If, however; someone finds you by specifically typing in your business name, you can attribute that to your print marketing.  How else would they know to type in your name?
Other Print Tracking Methods
Google Analytics isn’t the only way you can track your print advertising!  You have several other options; a unique URL, a unique phone number, and a contact form.
Unique URL You can use a unique URL for every print advertisement you have so as to track each one individually through Google Analytics.  For example, if your website is, you could purchase the URL for your listing in the Seek Spot by Be Our Guest directory.  When someone types in this website name, you know that it was direct traffic from a print advertisement, and differentiating the URL from your main one allows you to see precisely which advertisement brought you this traffic.
You can buy a unique URL at sites like or  They can talk you through the process of setting up a landing page for the URL.
Unique Phone Number  You can set up a unique phone number for every listing or advertisement your business uses!  Having a unique phone number for certain listings or ads allows you to track where your phone calls come from.  And it’s easy; the phone calls get forwarded right to your regular phone number!  We suggest using sites like or to set one up today!
Contact Form  If you have a contact form on your website, make sure to include a question asking where the customer was referred from, and make it mandatory!    Don’t leave the question open ended – give them specific options and use checkboxes so that the customer can check all that apply.  It’s been proven that it often takes several impressions, not just a single one, to get a customer to call upon your business, so giving them more options helps you track your marketing dollars as specifically as possible.
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Meet two of Oahu’s brightest rising stars— inspirational surfers who are as beautiful as they are talented.

Surfer Girl(Photo by Scott Soens )

Kelia Moniz is the current ASP Women’s World Longboard champion, winning back to back titles in 2012 and 2013. Kelia is the only sister among four brothers (hence her nickname: “Sister”), who are also surfing competitively, making their way as up-and-coming surf talents. Her parents own and operate Faith Surf School on the South Shore of Oahu. Her father, Tony Moniz, was a professional surfer and is a respected big wave surfer. Kelia’s mom, Tammy Moniz, homeschooled all five children, taking them straight to the beach after schoolwork was completed every single day. Her classroom was Waikiki Beach and it paid off, turning the Roxy girl into a skilled noserider and stylish surfer.


hawaii surfer girl(Photo from Facebook)

From another surf family on the North Shore of Oahu, Honolua Blomfield is currently the Junior International Surfing Association World Longboard Champion. Winning the gold in that competition means that Honolua beat out the girls AND boys up to 18 years old from all over the world for the title. The 15-year-old comes from a family of soul surfers and watermen with deep roots in Hawaii, which means she’s actually put in a lifetime of surfing some of the world’s most challenging waves just because they happen to be in her backyard. The switch-stance wave slider doesn’t discriminate between long or short boarding and has been racking up wins and runner-up statuses at competitions for both. Mostly though, Honolua keeps it old school because that’s what she knows. For this all-around surfer, it’s not about gear and specs, it’s about style and riding waves with whatever you’ve got in front of you.

To learn to surf or aspire to improve to Kelia or Honolua status, check out North Shore Surf Girls for lessons and board rentals!

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Hidden behind overgrown California grass and shrubs in between Jameson’s restaurant and the controversial Haleiwa Beach Park Mauka is Loko Ea fishpond, which dates back to the 1600s. Every third Saturday of the month, community members, college students, island visitors and keiki are welcomed into the ancient fishpond to help revive it to its native use.

Loko Ea

Loko Ea has provided fish sanctuary and habitat for generations, according to James Estores, one of the founding directors of Malama Loko Ea, a non-profit organization that oversees caretaking the pond since—as community volunteers since 2008 and as an official non-profit in collaboration with Kamehameha Schools since 2009. Loko iʻa, fishponds, are found nowhere else in the Pacific except for the Hawaiian Islands. In ancient times, the pond was owned by various Hawaiian royalty within the ahupua‘a of Kawailoa, and was used to stock fish to be harvested upon request by ali‘i.

As a natural loko pu‘uone, translated literally as “sand dune pond,” Loko Ea is fed by underground freshwater springs and by the ocean across the street that flows in on high tides. Patience, perseverance, and humility are just some of the values that can be learned in caretaking this precious place, says Estores. Volunteer workday activities include invasive plant and animal removal, species identification, native plant reintroduction, water quality monitoring, and traditional fishing demonstrations and workshops. Keiki volunteers are given crayons and educational Hawaiian fish pictures to color. They can also fish for invasive fish species like tilapia in the pond after the volunteer tasks are finished.


Every third Saturday of the month, 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Work equipment and safety gear provided, lunch provided, open to the public, all ages. Located behind the parking area next to Jameson’s By the Sea restaurant in Haleiwa.

Contact 808-637-3232 or email to register.

Loko Ea Fishpond

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Planning Your Special Day

It’s that time of year: Many of us with nuptials on the horizon or graduations in May are starting to plan our special events. MYSTICAL SOUNDS PRODUCTIONS has been in business for over 29 years and has done more than 5,000 successful events. People always ask owner Joe Ho how he does it.  “I always tell them, it is like making a great dish. A lot of ingredients go into it,” Ho says.

Mystical Sounds Productions company has been setting the standard for Oahu events, large and small. From DJs for wedding receptions and corporate events, to full sound and lighting decor for night club type venues, Mystical Sounds Productions can truly do it all: sound systems, DJ’s, VJ’s, lighting decor, emcees, magicians, hypnotists & video projection and big screen rental and videography services. Mystical Sounds is the choice of Hawaii’s professional wedding and event planners. “Like our customer service, we only provide top of the line quality  in everything we offer,” Ho says. “We offer veteran experience, great ideas and value. Our company is like a one-stop shop. We offer great value and all services needed for a special event.” Mystical Sounds offers free consultations to those planning events.


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Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons

Whether you’re a couple of spring chickens looking for adventure, or a family looking for places to go that has something for all ages to enjoy, Spring Break on Oahu has a variety of entertaining options.

Wet N Wild Hawaii, located in Kapolei, has 25 rides and attractions, age-appropriate water park areas for all in the family, Island Adventure Golf (18-holes of mini golf), and dining and picnic areas. This place has something for everyone, from families looking to relax and cool off in warm tropical waters to thrill-seekers searching for an adrenaline boost.

Waimea Valley, located just across from Waimea Bay Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu, has a lively farmers market on Thursdays from 3-7 pm, full of fresh produce, ready-made dishes and drinks, locally made goodies, and live music. A hike into the Valley and up to Waimea Falls can be a fun walk for those with kids and a romantic stroll for couples. There is plenty to learn along the way and photo opportunities abound. The food at the dining area at the entrance of the park is quite delicious. This is also a great wedding location to consider for those planning.

Culturally interesting stops that are fun for everyone include: Honolulu Museum of Art, Bishop Museum, Honolulu Zoo, and the Waikiki Aquarium.

For the ocean enthusiasts: Get your thrills with parasailing, a sunset cruise, scuba diving, rent the boards and gear of your choice to ride waves and look at fish, or swim with dolphins!


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We all remember when Lady and the Tramp shared that spaghetti noodle together in the candlelit alleyway—and the adorable meatball nudge that preceded. Or when Richard Gere’s character ordered champagne and strawberries to educate Julia Roberts’ character on the art of fine dining in Pretty Woman. Fine dining is often at the core of romantic moments because food is often an expression of love, or at the very least, lust. An elegant ambiance sets the stage for a variety of indulgences, divulgences, and kisses. There’s just something about soft lighting, crisp linens, and gourmet meals that enhances our ability to be sweet with each other. There are of course the aphrodisiacs that can be found in a find dining experience as well: oysters, champagne, truffles, chocolate—just to name a few.

Dr. Meryl Rosofsky, a noted aphrodisiac expert in New York City, says that even the act of eating oysters is seductive since the texture and shape requires that you suck, slurp, and eat them out of your hands. Oysters are high in zinc, which is thought to increase testosterone as well. In the spirit of this month of love, Seek Spot is offering a fine dining experience giveaway at an authentic French bistro in Hawaii, Brasserie Du Vin. This taste of France in the heart of Honolulu offers hand-crafted cocktails and beer, an award-winning selection of wines by the glass and bottle, and of course every culinary delight from appetizers to desserts. Indoor and patio seating is available.

In order to win a gift certificate for $50 to BRASSERIE DU VIN, comment below on this blog post and tell us whom you would like to take on a date here and why. We will pick a lucky winner at month’s end!



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Aloha is much more than hello, goodbye, and I love you. It is more than letting someone merge in front of you on the road and receiving a shaka in return for your kind deed. It is more than a kiss on the cheek or a lei upon your shoulders. Aloha is a way of life, an aspiration to a higher power. It is truly about loving yourself and your fellow humans. It is also about letting go of ego. There is a deeper meaning.

An acronym floats amongst some circles of Hawaiian teachers and students that offers a more thorough and connective explanation. They even proffer that the Aloha Spirit can heal and be the answer to those looking for world peace. Native Hawaiian kahuna like Pilahi Paki and Kauila Clark offer this acronym for Aloha’s deeper meaning:

2 plumeria-flower-A- Akahai-meaning Kindness, as expressed with Tenderness

L- Lokahi-meaning Unity, as expressed with Harmony

O- Olu Olu-meaning Agreeable, as expressed with Pleasantness

H- Ha‘a Ha‘a-meaning Humility, as expressed in Modesty

A- Ahonui-meaning patience as expressed in Perseverance

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Attract Luxury Travelers and Turn Them into Repeat Customers

Hawaii is a destination for many luxury travelers who are inherently well-traveled and used to five-star service. How do we attract luxury travelers and turn them into repeat customers?

 Service, Service, Service

Luxury or not, all repeat customers are born of a highly satisfactory customer service experience. Know what your luxury traveler likes and expects when it comes to ease of reservations and check-in, amenities, activities, and guidance to local dining and entertainment. Be a dedicated concierge and make sure your guests feel like they have exclusive access to Hawaii’s authentic experiences. Set a new standard of excellence with every guest. You can do this by using the Seek Spot Directory in your property and by sharing a few suggestions from it with your guest on arrival or before. 

Rewards + Loyalty Programs

Do you offer anything to repeat customers or those who stay for a long period of time? Feeling valued can turn the first experience into one of many. The Coupons from Seek Spot can be printed and handed to your guests or emailed to them at time of booking.  Just use our coupon link.

Recognition + Reputation

Do you have good reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor? Do your current visitors have a way to refer your vacation property to others? Do you advertise and where? Make sure that you post every positive write-up or review about your property in any publication on your website and marketing materials.

Communication is Key

Advertising in high-end publications or local visitor directories can target your demographic, while direct mail, online marketing and e-mail are excellent methods of communication in terms of timeliness and ability to track return on investment.


In a study done by eMarketer, search engines were the most popular web service category among U.S. luxury travelers with a 57% response rate followed by online travel agencies and online travel suppliers with 54% and 44% response rates, respectively.


Get Feedback

Online surveys can be accurate barometers of customer satisfaction and useful at effectively gathering guest preference information with relatively little expense. Detailed survey forms can also gather important lifestyle information that will help you position your property. For an easy to use tool, check out


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proposal sweetheart-shady-laneA recent survey by found that 92 percent of its respondents are planning a romantic escape in 2014, up from 78 percent in 2013. Among that group, 17 percent will take a “couples getaway” trip for Valentine’s Day. Of all respondents, 61 percent were planning travel to a beach or ocean destination. Honolulu was listed third on the top ranking destinations for a romantic trip (San Francisco ranked first and Las Vegas second).

If you are one of those couples planning a romantic trip to Oahu, or a resident looking for unique date ideas, Seek Spot made our own “Top Three” for date ideas this Valentine’s Day:

1) Watch a Whale, Ride a Horse

February is the month to whale watch. Romantically enough, when you watch whales, you end up on a boat, which is often the perfect setting for an amorous time. Check out these options to find your ideal whale watching cruise!

Horseback riding is another romantic way to enjoy breathtaking views and do something adventurous with your amour. Gunstock Ranch in Laie is offering 20 percent off of their sweetheart rides special for the month of February. They also have a contest for free rides + flowers on Facebook until Feb 13!

2)   Get a Strike

Food, fun, and friendly competition can actually be quite romantic. Aiea Bowl is known among locals for its delicious food, namely the Tasty Chicken and all of their many desserts. For a fancier twist though, Aiea Bowl’s “Tasty Tuesdays” offer a five-course prix fixe menu. Cosmic bowling with live DJs happens four nights a week — Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays —late-night pupu and drink specials as well.

3)   Get Artsy, Foodie

Honolulu Night Market is happening on February 15 from 6 – 11 pm in Kaka‘ako. Each monthly event has a slew of food trucks, art and retail vendors, and live music. A date with fashion, food and music, how could you go wrong? Make sure to use our South Shore coupons page just in case you need to add a couple more stops to this Honolulu night out.



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sunset kissIn honor of Valentine’s Day, Seek Spot has compiled a top five list of romantic spots on Oahu to sit with your love and enjoy a kiss. Some of these locations could even be ideal for a romantic picnic, a glass of wine at sunset, or a couples photo shoot.

1)    Sunset Beach, North Shore – This stretch of sand earned its name quite simply for being the most magnificent spot to enjoy a Sunset. It’s location on the eastern end of the Seven-mile Miracle makes for dependable postcard view of the neon sunsets.

2)    Tantalus – Drive or ride your motorcycle up to the top of this winding road and stop at various lookouts to enjoy the views and steal some kisses.

3)    Diamond Head – Hike up to the top of Diamond Head and enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Honolulu. Don’t forget the camera.

4)    Pu‘u o Mahuka Heiau – Overlooking Waimea Bay, this ‘Hill of Escape’ is the largest on Oahu and a state historic site. Go there not only to revel in the extraordinary view but to also learn how Pele leapt from here to Molokai and what this heiau was used for in ancient times.

5)    Pali lookout – The Nuuanu Pali Lookout, perched over one thousand feet above the coastline and amidst the clouds, offers panoramic views of the sheer Koolau cliffs and Windward side of Oahu. It’s windy here, so while it’s beautiful, it’s more of a snuggle-up-and-have-a-moment spot than a photo opp of the lovebirds.

To find any of these locations, visit our maps page!

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